Nearly 12 Million people live in Tehran Bozorg in contrast to two hundred thousand in 1920. The visitor who has been away for a while can no longer find the way around the city. Tehran is pleasant, it derives its originality from its dry climate, always cool in the evening, its pure sky, the nearness of the mountains, its numerous parks and gardens where flowers blossom throughout the year, the alleys of young plan-trees in the avenues or even smaller streets, the water which runs down from the upper city along deep and wide gutters which look like small rivers during spring.


Esfahan, the grand capital of Iranian tourism. Efahan contains a wide range of Islamic Architectural styles ranging from the 11th century (C.E.) to the 19th. Efahan is home to admirable bridges. The city’s most remarkable feature is its magnificent central square which is roughly seven times larger than San Marco in Venice.